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Whllst most people are finally aware of gastic ulcers and EGUS, there are still many to whom mention of similar issues in the hindgut is unknown territory.  For those who have horses that do have hindgut issues it can be virtually impossible to know exactly what the problem is and where it lies as there is no real definitive way of diagnosing what is going on, with in the majority of cases being given a "coverall" cause of acidosis,  With a unknown cause, treatment really has been on a trial and error basis to treat very real symptoms but not accurately diagnose - UNTIL NOW THAT IS .......

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 .... thanks to the Equibiome Team which comprises a team of biochemists, equine microbiologists and geneticists, all with a history of working with some of the UK's top racing trainers. 

We can at last get to find out exactly what is going on in the hindgut of our horses - exactly what bacteria (microbes) are in there - are they the good guys or the bad guys, and what are they getting up to - so no longer any guesswork!  


The Equibiome test produces accurate and relevant data, with therapies to detect, restore and rehabilitate poorly performing horses and those with dysbiosis [microbial imbalance] which lies behind acidosis, colics, colitis and all the nasties that occur as a result of disruption to the hindgut; and what was thought to be an intolerance to a certain food may not be the case at all r rather it can be resolved so that such intolerance no longer exists. 

Equibiome is the first equine dedicated laboratory service, specialising in the identification of the equine hind gut microbial population and its relationship to health and performance. Equibiome uses the latest MiSeq Next Generational Sequencing technology to produce a snapshot of the internal microbial population, identifying imbalances, inflammation, pain, poor immunity and reduced gut wall integrity.

Gastric problems in racehorses are very common, the gastrointestinal tract and microbial community are altered by poor diet, fatigue, stress, use of antibiotics, long periods in the stable and the use of NSAID’s. Hind gut imbalances can alter the temperament, make the horse more prone to colic and make him uncomfortable to ride. As many imbalances have been established for a long time, this type of horse doesn’t respond to a change of diet or medication, occasionally some improvement is seen but long- term relief is difficult to establish. 

It can be almost impossible to find a suitable diet for a horse with hind gut problems and there is much conflicting nutritional advice, however as the Equibiome faecal test identifies thousands of microbes within the hind gut, this takes the guess work out of the what, why and how to feed your horse.

Seventy percent of the energy is produced in the hind gut, the type and ratio of energy produced is vital for immunity, temperament and health of the gut wall. Managing the hind gut has never been possible before the development of next generational sequencing of the bacteria DNA. The test is so accurate that it can identify water contamination (arsenic/nitrate/nitrite), dietary deficiencies, mineral and vitamin imbalances, acidosis, antibiotic resistant bacteria and emerging pathogens.

The test provides in depth, accurate and relevant information on the type of diet that can restore health and stability to the whole horse. Each horse is given a personalized and easy to understand dietary and health report.

So why not join us and others who have already elected to have their horses tested; we have done so not because there are problems but we want to prevent anything from presenting.  Having access to this test is yet another piece of kit in our tool bag to help us resolve behavioural and performance issues. 


PLEASE NOTE: this test is not the preserve of the racehorse or ex-racehorse - it is available to ALL owners.



Please visit the Equibiome website for more information and to order your test kit: www.equibiome.org       



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