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C l i e n t  H o r s e s 

Here are a few of the horses that are currently with us for re-training, schooling or rehabilitation.

Of course the photographs below are taken upon arrival; the horses will look somewhat
different when they leave! 



"Tex" (Prince of Islay)

Racehorse for retraining


This absolutely delightful little gelding is here for retraining.
He last ran in July and after 8 weeks off to recover from a minor tendon injury he will undergo rehab alongside the early stages of his retraining.

Although  5 years old it is evident that Tex has a lot of developing and maturing to do. 

Tex is such a happy, outgoing little chap and we are sure that he is going to take life as a riding horse very much in his stride and prove to be a really fun riding horse.


"Berkeley" (Berkeley Street)racehorse owned by HM The Queen


What a stunning looking gelding - and with so much presence.  Lots of people are enquiring about the possibility of homing this chap!

At just 6 years of age we have plenty of time to find out what Berkeley would prefer to turn his hoof to.

With excellent conformation and super straight movement as well as being blemish free, if nothing else, at least the show ring can beckon! 


"Martha" (Big Floe) 



This mare arrived with significant damage to both tendons. 

She also presented a very weak frame which totally lacked any strength. What muscle she had was in part hypertonic; there was also atrophy as well as incorrect muscle formation. 

To see her transformation please see the Therapy and Rehabilitation section.




Unable to name due to client confidentiality.


This horse has been sent to us by veterinary referral and hopefully it will make a successful return to the racecourse.

The horse is under an equine rehabilitation programme pending a re-assessment from the vet in Newmarket in due course..

Please visit the Therapy and Rehabilitation section to read more about our rehab work.





"Charli" (Charismatic Charli)

Charli is a very cheeky little ex-racehorse; he is absolutely full of life - very exuberant and full of himself; he has the most amazing presence..  

His racing career was cut short due to a tendon injury but there is not a shred of evidence of this visibly.

Charli is the type of horse we just love to work with so it was with great pleasure we also accepted the offer to compete him.


   Ex-racehorse for retraining

"Albi" (Al Nawras)

This lovely chestnut gelding, bred at Shadwell Stud was trained by Freddie Head for Sheik Hamdam al Maktoum.

Albi has a superb temperament and a lovely cheeky character.

With his strong limbs and beautiful stride we hope that in due course we will be seeing this horse in the dressage arena..


"George"equine rehabilitation for sacroiliac injury

This 7 year old gelding has a very vague history suffice to say that his owner since homing him 18 months ago has not been able to ride George, or rather stay on him.  Despite plenty of groundwork and regular back checks, no reason has been apparent for George's very expressive declarations about not wanting anyone on his back for long.

Not liking the way the gelding moved in canter and following other negative reactions, we had kissing spine ruled out but a bone scan revealed significant issues with both the SI joint and ligament. We have been given an 50:50 chance of riding this horse by vets! 


Racehorse undergoing retraining


"Jasper" (TheboyfromBrazil)

JASPER arrived here in May following his last race in March.  In training with Lucinda Russell but he did not really settle to the job so it was decided to pull him out of training and put him into a rehab programme.

We turned Jasper out,initially for 3 months, but decided that as an immature individual he would benefit from a longer period out.

Jasper is now back in and undergoing retraining.  He is a very straight moving horse with a long, athletic, easy stride so it has been decided to see if he will settle to dressage.

"Qani" (Qanawaat)      E-racehorse for retraining

Another Shadwell bred horse, trained by Saeed bin Suroor for Godolphin here for retraining.

Qana has such an easy going nature and seems to just take everything in his stride; nothing seems to phase him.  As he grows in confidence we are seeing a cheeky character emerging.

This chap is going to turn out to be an all-round fun little horse.



Horses that are here on behalf of "Rehoming Racehorse - A Life After Racing" 

These  horses have an m.o.t. and start their retraining all the time being assessed for their temperament and suitability to suit certain homes and lifetstyles - and of course to pick up potential talent for taking up another sport.  



rehoming racehorses

A lovely big horse with a very gentle nature.  Needs a sympathetic rider as he is a sensitive chap.

Snaffle mouth; very easy to ride

A gem in and out of the stable

Slam stands approx 16.2hh and is 11 years old.



Lola" (Just Lola)


"Whiskey"  (Whiskey Junction)

former racehorse



This 12 year old gelding stands approx 16hh.

He has a lovely character but needs an experienced rider as he can be a little strong in open spaces especially if he gets excited

Good to catch, load, travel and very kind in the stable and in the field.





"JG" (Jamaica Grande)






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